What are the Most Common Mistakes in English?

Over the next couple weeks we will be counting down the top 15 most common English mistakes made by Spanish speakers. Of course anyone speaking a second language will make mistakes from time to time, that´s how we learn, but we will be focusing on some very common English mistakes made specifically by native Spanish speakers.

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Grammar can sometimes be a problem, but another type of common mistake is made as a result of false friends when words sound like they should translate directly but don´t. This can be often times humorous but can also lead to all sorts of confusion. We will cover common mistakes from these categories and more.

Can you think of any typical mistakes made by either native Spanish speakers in English or native English speakers in Spanish? Have you ever made a funny or embarrassing mistake? Share in the comments section.

Check back on Monday for common English mistake #15!

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Error Común en Inglés 5 – Carrera vs. Career

Carrera-CareerThe Spanish word “carrera” is often mistranslated into English as “career” when referring to university studies. These words are false friends because in English, “career” refers to the work you do during your life, in other words your profession or occupation. The proper translation for “carrera” when referring to study is “major.”

Error Común en Inglés
“There is a study abroad requirement for my university career.”

Forma Correcta
“There is a study abroad requirement for my university major.”
“I majored in International Business to prepare for a career in the import/export sector.”

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