Following is a quick explanation of the difference between the verbs to say and to tell so that you won´t make this common English mistake made by Spanish speakers again!

Common English mistake
“He said me that I did a good job.”

Why is it wrong?
The verb to say is used to report or claim, while to tell is used to instruct or inform. To tell is a transitive verb and requires a direct object. You tell something, like a story or a person.
To say is intransitive and does not require an object, so to use it with an object we use the preposition to.

Correct usage
Maria tells the funniest stories.
Will you tell your brother to please wake up?
My grandfather told me stories about his time in the Army.
Other usages:  to tell the truth, to tell the difference between various things, to tell time.

She said she did not like fishing.
Juan says that it is sunny at the beach.
Can you pronounce book like an American?
What will she say to her mother?
Other usages:  to say hello (goodbye, Merry Christmas, etc), my wife says that the ceviche at Punto Azul is the best .

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